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Heather Kirkland- Owner Glen Bhimani and his security team are incredible. Their more expensive than most security companies but there quality is amazing and well worth the price. I hired BPS Security for personal protection services (bodyguard). I have never felt safer than I have had with them, I also got the best sleep I've had and I feel very comfortable with his team. Females needing bodyguards or other security needs should call BPS Security.


Alisha Thompson- Great service!!! Very knowledgeable and professional! Mr. Bhimani installed the appropriate hardware to prevent a burglar from kicking in my door. He was very knowledgeable and explained how the hardware increased my safety and give me other safety tips as well. Will definetly use him again for any future security needs!

Hope H. - They were great at their job and very professional.

Jennifer G- for $50-100 Glen was very helpful and gave some good advice

Jose R. - BPS Security is professional and reliable we have called them for last minute event security with a 3 hour notice and they have always been able to have security for us even for same day scheduling, they are the only security company we have renewed our annual security contract with and will be starting our third year with them this December.