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To re-write the security industry’s standards of customer care and create quality, reliable, consistent service by integrating technology & personal attention to eliminate common challenges such as poor service, untrained & unprofessional security officers and underpaid security workers.

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Our unique job selection process means that any site you’re approved to work will be more likely to match your personality and experience. Plus, we offer benefits and pay armed guards a min of $17/hour.


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As a business owner, you prioritize your company. We know that you bend over backward to implement and enforce processes and procedures. When hiring new employees, you take the time to find the right person that will become a community ambassador. That’s why our security firm does things differently.

The Security Firm that is Fixing the Security
Industry to Protect Your Business

BPS Security firm aims to rewrite the security
industry’s standards of customer care!

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We are a security firm that consistently and reliably provides top-level care and security. Since the world is constantly evolving, we are constantly striving to find new ways to improve our service. When issues arise, our team is already solving the problem before our clients even know it is there. 

BPS is a security firm that is ALWAYS available to our clients!

When you need us, we are just a phone call away. We always answer the phone and pride ourselves on never playing a game of phone hot potato!

What our Clients Say

Our clients have a say in who is part of their security team!

BPS Security firm guard with a smile

When hiring security personnel or subcontractors for our clients, we custom-build the team to fit our clients’ needs and personalities. During the recruitment process, we ask a rigorous round of questions. The finalists will then meet our clients  who have the final say before placement. 

We strive to have our clients value their guards thinking of them as both security advisors and assets! Due to our rigorous hiring and placement methods, we rarely experience any problems with a security team.

Our clients have even called to vouch for and brag about their security personnel.

High-End Services at Mid-Tier Pricing

We are a security firm that takes care of clients and our employees the same way.

Our proprietary software limits unnecessary overhead therefore our guards earn a living wage with one job that they can focus on rather than working multiple jobs to make ends meet! They are proud of their jobs, and know that our clients appreciate and value their work. As a result, they work hard to retain their position and always strive to do their best. Because of our limited overhead, we’re also able to provide a better price to our clients, while our guards provide a better level of service.

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