Corporate Security Services

Here at BPS Security, we offer many options designed to meet a variety of corporate security needs.

On-site Security Officers

When a company is looking for security officers to ensure their corporate security needs, we know these positions cannot be taken lightly.

  1. Armed or unarmed? You get to decide!
  2. On-foot roving patrol.
  3. Highly compensated and we prefer 4 or more years of experience.
  4. All of our officers have individual legal representation should anything occur on your property reducing your liability. At time of writing, this is an offer that is unique to BPS Security.
  5. We match personalities to the location and include you in the hiring process!
BPS Corporate Security-- Guard at work

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Artificial Intelligence Remote Monitoring (AIRM)

AIRM is a proactive way to prevent break-ins while eliminating or reducing the number of full-time security guards.

How? By installing a proprietary program behind each monitoring camera that is designed to detect people and vehicles. While a monitoring camera is rolling, AIRM helps identify and address potential security risks if a suspicious person or vehicle enters the monitoring area. Then, AIRM sends a notification to either the monitoring or the police station.

AIRM is highly beneficial even for retail stores that are trying to prevent closing-time snatch and grabs.

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Security Cameras

When choosing cameras, we offer different options that fit all corporate security needs.

Here are some of the key differentiators

  • Price Point!
    • We have options to fit every need and budget
    • Entry-level commercial cameras start around $200 per camera
    • High-end commercial metal cameras can cost up to $29K per camera

    • *** Our entry-level $200 cameras are designed to survive up to a direct hit with a blunt object, like a baseball bat, and still work to monitor your property.
  • Footage color channels
    • We offer everything from color to night-vision and black & white
  • Resolution
    • From details to the big picture our cameras can process 1080p all the way up to 6K.

Because we care about our customers, all cameras come with a GUARANTEED 3-year parts and labor warranty.

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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is often provided with AIRM. However, this alarm monitoring can be combined with outside video monitoring providers.

BPS Security’s alarm monitoring is great for corporate security needs. When our clients implement alarm monitoring, they receive the best:

  • Traditional Alarm Monitoring
    • Professional, reliable 24/7 security monitoring
    • Burglary detection
    • Fire, flood and carbon monoxide detection.
  • Ability to Control
    • Arm and disarm from a remote location
    • Compatible with smart home devices
    • Customizable: alerts, schedules and automations
  • Video
    • Live streaming video from smartphone or computer
    • Record and save video clips
    • Receive motion based alerts

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Central Control and Alarm Panel

Every company’s corporate security needs are different. That’s why customization is key!

We can set our clients up with a specialized central control/alarm panel.

The alarm panel allows clients to specify their zone settings, codes, and entry/exit delays. The automation products also come with the ability to arm and disarm the security system, set a thermostat and control home lights, all from a smartphone.

*** The Central Control/Alarm Panel is best paired with AIRM

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BPS Online Portal

Clients with onsite security have access to an online portal to access and review their reports.
  • Peace of mind with access to clock in and clock out records. You know your security is on-site.
  • GPS tracking of all security on your property
  • Incident reports
  • Start and end shift reports
  • Maintenance reports
  • Visitor logs
  • Post orders
  • Emergency procedures
  • Security wide messaging
  • Incident analytics
  • Criminal analytics

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