Because of our lean operation and systemization of hiring and management processes we are almost always able to provide security solutions in as little as 24-48 hours from quote approval. 

We look for people who are dedicated, dependable, reliable, and have a sound personality. Additionally, we only hire employees that show a willingness to provide the same level of service to our clients that BPS Security is known for! 

  • Perform under duress.
  • Have the personality to handle stressful situations.

We currently operate in 10 states. Our lean operations and incorporation of custom software allows us to streamline the process of quoting, hiring, and managing all our locations and guards to ensure we are providing unmatched service without carrying the weight of extensive overhead. This lean philosophy allows us to provide more effective and proactive care, build a personal relationship with our clients, and offer a lower rate than the majority of our competitors. 

Yes — All BPS Security employees are covered to ensure that we do not carry any liability, and neither do our clients since some states can construe the client as a joint-employer. 

Although we cannot predict the future, we’ve set up several layers to protect all parties involved. All BPS Security employees have their own assigned legal counsel, as does BPS Security. We also operate on a proprietary security contract designed to reduce or prevent third-party lawsuits. Combined with well-written and established posted orders and our standard security procedures, we’ve taken every step to reduce liability to all parties. 

Yes — We provide customized training to our clients needs. For example: how to handle an active shooter situation. 

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