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What Should I Look For When Hiring a Security Company

When organizations are looking to hire a security firm, they often ask, “Where do I start? What should I look for when hiring a security company!?” Well, there are many different factors and areas to consider (as each company and industry will have different needs). But in this article, we are going to address one a question that rarely gets any thought, “Is my company a good fit for the security firm?”

We are not kidding! Here at BPS, our main goal is to be the security firm that prioritizes YOU! Our management team has over 75 years of security experience, we have seen both what works, and some of the major pitfalls within the security industry. We devote time to improving our service, and changing the status quo of the security industry. Ultimately, we will always go above and beyond for our clients. That being said, if companies do not share similar values, then we are not the right fit.

We want to clarify our definition of “values” and why this is so important. According to Psychology Today, Values can “change the world.” Values measure what people feel are desirable, vital, useful, and worthwhile. They influence the direction of how we feel, think, and make choices—perform and behave.

As a result, we will turn down prospects. We have even walked away from million dollar deals simply because our fundamental core values did not match the values of the company trying to hire us!

When Hiring a Security Company, Consider Their standards:

A closeup picture of a compass. Except "North" is replaced with "Values." This represents one of the important attributes to look for when hiring a security company

Frankly, a security firm is in charge of the safety of your company, your assets, your employees, and your clients! Therefore, you must have an extraordinary level of trust in your security firm. This is similar to a marriage. Successful marriages have very open communication, respect, humility, and trust!

And during the dating/courting process, both individuals need to be inquisitive and learn about one another! That is the only way they know if they are compatible.


When hiring a security firm how can you determine whether or not your company is compatible? Ask questions like these:

  • Do you perform background checks on your clients? If so, what are you looking for?
  • Do you ask for references before bringing on a client? If so, what type of references?
  • Have you ever turned down an opportunity to work with a potential client? If so, describe the scenario and reasoning.


By asking these types of questions, you will learn their standards! You can quickly determine whether or not they are money-hungry and just trying to take on as many clients as possible. Or if they are strategic, making sure they can provide the highest quality service.

What We Look For In a Client

We always ask for vendor references.

Why? Because we pride ourselves on paying our employees a living wage and on time! We can only do that when our clients value us, as a service provider, and pay us on time! So, we make sure our clients’ vendors and service providers have a great relationship with their vendors.


Company Culture

What is the company culture like? Does the staff value their job? Do they love their company? Will the staff appreciate their guards?


Company culture says a lot about a business. If their employees dread going to work, the company’s values probably will not jive with ours! Additionally, we are extremely protective of our guards (especially since they are sometimes required to put their own lives on the line), and we know they will do their best job if and when they are appreciated!

A business man with his hands out and his palms facing upwards with cartoon drawings of business people and different attributes. This is a good representation of what to look for when hiring a security company.

What type of security does your company actually need?

We are not in the business of just taking money. We are in the business of providing value to our clients. Sometimes companies think they need round-the-clock on-site security, when in reality, top-notch artificial intelligence can do the job they actually need while saving the client thousands of dollars. Would we make more money by placing an in-person security guard? Absolutely! But we do not think it is appropriate!


Final Thoughts

Seriously, when hiring a security company, treat it as though your company is going into a marriage. Spend as much time making sure you are the right fit for the firm as you do ensuring the security company is the right fit for you. By doing this. if a situation was to unfold that requires the security firm step up, they are honored to follow through with their commitment — because they value and prioritize you!

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