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What to do When You Need a Last Minute Security Guard

Sometimes, companies will face scenarios where they need to hire last minute security. Obviously, this is not the most ideal situation! So if you are ever in this predicament, you may feel tempted to hire the first company that says, “We can do it!” But we strongly encourage you to keep asking questions!


Why? Well in this situation, if a company says yes, they are either lying OR they actually have the resources to make it happen while providing very good service. And unfortunately, the first scenario is more common since most companies do not want to turn any business away.

Questions to ask when hiring last minute security

After a security firm confirms that they CAN have a guard to your location quickly, you should then ask these two questions:

  1. How is your security firm able to fill the immediate position?
  2. Why is the guard currently not assigned to another location?

The thing is, most companies do not want to pass up a job. But by doing so, they are often caught in situations where they have to either stretch their resources thin, or make a quick hire and bypass protocols. More often than not, in these scenarios, under-qualified guards (who sometimes do not even have a license) will be placed as a quick “fix”. If something should go wrong (and it can) far more problems will arise.

A business man wearing a suit and tie standing in the lobby of a large glass office building. His hand is extended ready to shake. This image is used in a BPS security blog discussing what to look for when hiring last minute security

Here at BPS Security we have built in solutions that can help in these situations. What are they? Well, we have a team of part-time guards! Typically, our part-time staff will get deployed on a job if one of our full-time guards is unable to work their scheduled shift. Or when we sign a new client that needs immediate security prior to placing their full time guard. 

(We have a very strict rule when placing a full-time guard with a client that protects both the client and our guards. To learn more, click here!). However, our part-time guards can also be sent to jobs when a company is in need of last minute security! Thus, if we say, “Yes! We can do that.” We mean it! Without compromising on quality!

Something to note:
Sometimes our clients need to add additional hours or days added to their usual security schedule for a short period of time. In these situations, we can sometimes make use of our part-time guards! This allows the position to be filled by a quality security guard while avoiding having to pay their primary guard overtime! ** Now, this is not always possible, but when it is, we offer this route to our clients!

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that when hiring last minute security, the security firm can hire a new guard (without vetting or training) just as fast as YOU were able to hire the security firm. So do yourself a favor, if you are ever stuck in this situation, do not simply hire the first company that says, “Yes! We can do it!”

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