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Why Every Security Company Should Use GPS

As technology continues to advance, the security industry should be advancing, too! Unfortunately, that is not always the case (we talk about this all the time). But there is one piece of technology in particular that all security companies should use — Global Positioning Systems (GPS). But for some reason, many still do not! Here are the reasons that every security company should use GPS.

How GPS can be Beneficial

Let’s take a step back in time. Many years ago, when GPS was first being put to use (especially in the security industry), a African American mall security guard was charged with raping a woman, and GPS played a major role in the outcome. This is what went down.

One evening, around the time that the mall was closing for the night, an incident allegedly went down. The police were notified, and upon arrival the lady reported that a security guard raped her. In her report she gave an approximate time and a location. That evening, the security guard was arrested.

When the case went to court, his defense team showed evidence that during the time of the rape, this particular guard was on the opposite end of the mall. How did they prove it? GPS!

If it were not for GPS, that guard would have likely gone to prison. But instead, the case, along with the criminal charges against him, were dropped.

Reasons that a Security Company Should use GPS

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The case we mention above is just one example as to how GPS can be beneficial to security firms! But there are many more ways in which GPS is helpful.

Keeping a guard on task

Let’s be honest, security guards have a reputation for being lazy.

Now, this is not true across the board, but frankly, many are! By using GPS, a security firm and their client can monitor the officers, making sure that they ARE doing their job, and making their rounds!

It is interesting, when people know that their boss is monitoring them, they often perform at their best!

Ensuring the Guards are Where they are Supposed to Be

Contracts between a security firm and a company have to lay out very specific instructions. One of the instructions will cover the exact locations a guard is allowed/supposed to be at all times. By using GPS, a security firm and their client can monitor the guards location. Additionally, they can even set up alerts that will notify the necessary individuals if the guard leaves the area!

Staying Proactive

Security guards are human beings, and therefore, they are fallible! Occasionally, they might get a late start on their way to work, or their route might be longer than usual due to unexpected traffic. This is another way GPS can be helpful.

Here at BPS Security, all of our guards have a GPS tracker, and the system will alert us if their route to work might cause them to be late (for whatever reason). This information allows us to notify our client even before the shift is supposed to start. Additionally, this information allows our team at BPS Security to quickly deploy a backup guard when needed!

GPS will also allow our managers to know whether the guard is simply getting a later start or if a situation outside of their control is causing a delay. If a late start becomes a common occurrence, we have the documentation to give them a warning and/or let them go.

Reduces Overhead

This is and image of a piggy bank on a light wooden table in front of a grey wall. This image is used in the BPS Security Blog, “Why Every Security Company Should Use GPS”, showcasing how GPS can save companies money.

Here at BPS Security, we are completely transparent with our clients, and give them access to daily reports. Since GPS is a software, the amount of time it takes for a guard to write a report is significantly reduced. Therefore, our clients’ money goes towards actual protection versus paperwork!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the benefits of GPS, this is just the tip of the iceberg! But as you can see, every security company should use GPS… as it is clearly VERY beneficial. Now, you may be wondering, “Why wouldn’t a security firm use GPS?!” That’s a great question. Some will not pay for it, while others might be hiding something.

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