Navigating Political Protests: A Comprehensive Guide by Glen Bhimani

In this exclusive interview, Glen Bhimani, the visionary CEO and Founder of BPS Security, sheds light on the multifaceted role of private security in the realm of political protests. The nuances of this responsibility become apparent as we delve into various aspects of security’s involvement in political events.

Protection Mandate

Private security firms play a pivotal role in safeguarding property and personnel associated with political entities. This encompasses the protection of political offices, campaign headquarters, government buildings, and private properties linked to political figures or organizations. The emphasis is on preventing vandalism, theft, and unauthorized access.

Safeguarding Public Gatherings

Event security is a critical dimension where private security is tasked with ensuring the safety of attendees, speakers, and VIPs at political rallies, campaign events, or public speeches. This involves meticulous crowd management, access control, and proactive safety measures.

Proactive Planning and Risk Mitigation

A proactive approach is adopted by private security through comprehensive risk assessments and security planning before political protests. This involves evaluating locations, identifying potential hazards, and formulating contingency plans to address emergent situations effectively.

Intelligence for Informed Action

Private security engages in surveillance and intelligence gathering, monitoring online platforms and social media to gather information on potential threats related to political protests. This intelligence aids in crafting proactive security strategies and risk mitigation.

Synergizing with Law Enforcement

Collaboration is key, and private security firms work closely with local law enforcement agencies to coordinate efforts, share intelligence, and ensure a unified response to security threats during political protests.

De-escalation and Conflict Resolution

Ensuring professionalism and impartiality, private security personnel are trained in de-escalation techniques and conflict resolution. This skill set is crucial for managing tense situations peacefully and preventing violence during political protests.

Preserving Public Spaces

Protection of public spaces and critical infrastructure is a responsibility shouldered by private security. This includes safeguarding parks, government buildings, and transportation hubs to prevent damage or disruption during political protests.

Header 8: Upholding Order and Safety

Private security firms contribute to maintaining order and safety during political protests by enforcing event rules and regulations, managing crowd movements, and responding to disturbances or emergencies promptly.


Glen underscores the importance of conducting private security operations within legal boundaries, respecting individuals’ rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. Professionalism, impartiality, and adherence to applicable laws are paramount, ensuring private security plays a constructive role in political events without compromising individual rights.

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