Private Investigators

in San Antonio and Throughout Texas

Our team of private investigators is ethical and reliable. We pair experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver award-winning results. That’s why you can confidently hire a PI from BPS Security.

Hire a PI the Smart Way

A member of BPS Security's private investigators team who is interviewing a suspect after the company decided to hire a PI

We offer the strictest code of ethics in the industry because we know it’s important to you.

When you need private investigators you are looking for someone discreet. Someone who has the skills and experience to help you without sharing your details.

Don’t trust your private life with a search and spill investigator. Hire a PI who gets results without sharing your personal experiences with the world.

We are here to solve your mysteries both at home and in your business.

From getting you the information and resources you need to protect your family. To investigating fraud, embezzlement, and theft from your business. We offer a full suite of services to help you.

Our team uses effective methods that dig into the details. We get you all of the answers we can find.

How Our Private Investigators Stand Out

Customized Strategy

Our expert PIs examine each case individually. We base our approach on your situation. Then we use the right technology and methods to find as many answers as possible.

Latest Tech & Methods

We combine the latest technology with effective methods like skip tracing. That means we can follow the breadcrumbs. For you, that means a better shot at getting the answers you need.

Meticulous Investigations

Our PIs look for subtle clues that reveal the bigger picture. Our thorough examination of the facts often leads to more information. Our attention to detail means you get high-quality service.

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Don’t let yourself get stuck with a search and spill PI.
Choose Quality Services.

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Where You Can Hire a PI from BPS Security

We started in San Antonio, Texas– but, our operation and partnerships extend across the US. Look for your city or state below.

We Provide Services in These States




New Mexico 








South Dakota


Need help in a different state? Request a quote today to see how we can help! 

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