Infidelity Investigations

in San Antonio and Throughout Texas

Seeing signs you can’t ignore? If you think you have a cheating spouse, then there is one efficient way to find out: an infidelity investigation.

Get an Infidelity Investigation
Without the Scandal

A picture of two shadowy figures (a man and a woman) in a car. They are in an intimate moment. Showing that infidelity investigations can help you find the truth about what happens in the shadows

BPS Security is here to help you get some peace of mind. Or settle in your divorce proceedings. Learn the truth about those troubling signs you are seeing.

Our team knows that infidelity investigations are sensitive. There is no room to trust a sleuth who spills secrets to your neighbors. That is why our PIs are discreet and use cutting-edge technology to find the truth.

Here are some of the infidelity investigation services we offer:

    • Search for hidden assets
    • Vehicle Tracking
    • Electronic Surveillance (such as video, photographic, and eavesdropping)
    • Computer Activity Tracking (such as chats, emails, and websites visited)

Our PIs are effective at discovering secret meeting places. They know how to confirm romantic encounterrs with a cheating spouse.

If you desire, we are even able to reveal the identity of the person your spouse is cheating on you with.

How BPS Delivers High-Quality Infidelity Investigations

Customized Strategy

We know a cheating spouse can be hard to catch without professional help. That is why we tailor our strategy to your circumstances. That way we can efficiently gather the truth you need.

Discreet & Dedicated

Each of our PIs is held to the highest ethical standards. That means you can rest easy knowing that your private investigator from BPS Security will keep your secrets safe. They will get you the answers you need.

Findings Review

Once we have all of the evidence we can find, our team then reviews it. That way we make sure we are giving you the complete picture.


Learn the truth. Begin an investigation on your cheating spouse

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Don’t trust a secret-spilling sleuth. Choose Quality Service.

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Where We Can Start an Infidelity Investigation

BPS Security started in San Antonio, Texas– but, our operation and partnerships extend across the US. Look for your city or state below.

We Provide Services in These States




New Mexico 








South Dakota


Need help in a different state? Request a quote today to see how we can help! 

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