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Are All Security Firms the Same?

Better Security Requires a Different Approach

When it comes to hiring a security firm, we know there are many different options. Some of which even have similar features. However, finding better security services requires hiring a security firm with a very different approach. It requires hiring a firm that focuses on three key aspects: quality, availability, and fit.

We here at BPS Security live and breathe these aspects! That’s what makes us unique. And it’s why we can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt that WE ARE NOT LIKE THE AVERAGE SECURITY FIRM!

In fact, there are very few niche companies like us!

Quality Over Profit Gain.

Here at BPS Security, we pride ourselves in providing quality before profit gain. We believe that all companies, regardless of the size, are entitled to quality security services.

While other security firms turn down small businesses due to minimal budgets, we provide our services at reasonable prices! Additionally, when it comes to purchasing security equipment, our clients get a guaranteed 3-year warranty on all parts and labor.

We also provide security enhancement recommendations based on your location and unique security needs.


We are ALWAYS available!

We know how frustrating it is to call a service provider and get stuck in the endless pre-recorded loops. Or worse, a machine answers, and twenty minutes later you still have yet to talk to a real person!

That’s why we NEVER keep our clients hanging.

The BPS Security team is available 24/7! Regardless of the time, if our clients need help, we are available. It’s as simple as that.

We even take it a step further by leveraging our monitoring team to secure your location even if you’re not around. The team is always on the look-out for any suspicious incidents. That means we are often aware of situations before our clients even have to pick up the phone.

When we believe a situation needs immediate attention and requires police intervention, we act! The extensive training all BPS Security staff is required to take ensures prompt action.

We make sure it is a good fit!

Here at BPS security, we pride ourselves in having a high employment retention rate and we work hard to keep it. Here’s how we do that.

When a client needs security personnel, we first match the experience, training, and personalities to create a list of candidates. From there, we speak with the candidates directly. We only add the ones that are interested in working with that particular client to the short list– realistically, it’s never short!  Then, we pass the list along to our client. Finally, our client decides which candidates they will work with.

This is BPS Security’s way of showing respect to both our clients and staff. That’s what helps establish the solid foundation needed for a smooth transition and security solution.

To answer your question: No, all security firms are not created equal. Finding better security means finding the best fit for you. Here at BPS security, we go the extra distance to make sure our clients and staff are happy.

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