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A Question to Ask A Potential Security Firm

“Ask not what can your employer do for you — ask what you can do for your employer!”
 – A spin on JFK’s famous quote.

When it comes to hiring a security firm, we always encourage companies to thoroughly interview the potential firm. (A good security firm can make the difference between a gracefully resolved implication and a multi-million dollar lawsuit.). But since most companies are not fluent in the world of security, they do not know which questions to ask. Fortunately, since we have over 79 years of combined security and law enforcement experience, we do! 

A Fatal Flaw in the Security Industry

As BPS security continues to grow and our reputation spreads across the industry, more and more security guards/officers request to work with us. Every single time we hire a new guard for a client, they ask us, “How long will the contract last?” This seems like an obvious question so the guards can plan out their year. However, this is one of the fatal flaws in the security industry!

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Security guards are conditioned to believe a contract will only last for a short amount of time. Why? It is common knowledge that companies often cancel their contracts with security companies due to poor service, lack of communication, and getting entangled in avoidable implications. 

Note that: Sometimes contracts are meant for a short period of time. Example: Hiring a security company to handle an event that only lasts for a certain amount of time. 

Changing the Status Quo

At BPS, when a potential employee asks us, “How long will the contract last?” As long as we are not hiring for an event with an obvious cut-off date, our answer is, “As long as the client receives the service they are promised (the best service possible), the contract is forever.” We never put our guards in uncomfortable situations to speak with the company about the contract. Instead we require that their time and attention is on serving the client. Before we hire a new employee, we make sure they live and breathe the motto, “Ask not what can the company do for me — ask what I can do for the company!”

So the next time your company is looking to hire a security firm, be sure to ask them, “When you (the security firm) are hiring a guard to protect our company, what is your response when they inquire about the length of the contract?”

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