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What if My Guard Does Not Arrive For Their Scheduled Shift?

While onboarding new clients, we spend time addressing a list of common questions and concerns based on their previous experience with past security companies. One of the most common concerns is, “What should I do when our security guard does not show up on time for their scheduled shift?” This is our answer, 

“When a security officer is not on time you do not have to do anything! No! We notify you with a solution prior to you ever reaching out.” 

If Guards Value Their Work, Timely Arrival to a Scheduled Shift is Never a Concern


Here at BPS Security, not only do we prioritize our clients, we foster a supportive and strong working relationship with our guards. Every single one of our officers is paid a living wage, undergoes extensive training, and knows that both we and our clients respect them. Therefore, when it comes to service, our guards not only take their job seriously, they are proud of their career, and care about the company they protect. Integrity is one of their highest values, and as a result, extenuating problems or situations that are completely out of their control are the only reason they would even be late or unable to come in. These problems include:

  • sudden and extreme traffic
  • family emergencies
  • natural disasters  

BPS Security’s Standard Operating Procedures Ensures Top-Notch Service

Here at BPS Security, we pride ourselves in being proactive rather than reactive. Therefore, we have a standard operation procedure in place to ensure our client never has to call us if/when their scheduled officer is running late or unable to come in. 

Image of City with Pin Points showcasing location of people via GPS

All of our guards have GPS tracking, and we staff administrative assistants that ensure our guards are on schedule to start their shift (even in the middle of the night). If our administrative assistants recognize a potential issue that will prevent a timely arrival (such as higher than usual traffic) they immediately communicate with both the guard and client and follow up with updates when necessary. 

A Good Security Firm will NEVER Leave their Clients’ Companies at Risk


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The reality is, when a security officer is not on time, the company (the security firm’s client) is unprotected. If this happens, the security company is failing to do their job. Unfortunately, this is an extremely common occurrence within the security industry. But here at BPS Security, we are rewriting and raising the standards! When a company chooses to work with us, we understand that our role is to alleviate any concern the company might have when it comes to safety so they can focus on their job.

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