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3 Considerations to Review When Choosing a Security Firm

As a company, we have to make decisions on which vendors to use such as marketing firms, financial advisors, payment gateways, internet providers, and more. Since we value our company, our decisions always involve careful considerations. Therefore, we expect (and actually advise) potential clients to do the same — especially when it comes to choosing a security firm. 


Here are 3 points that every company should consider before hiring a security firm.

  1. Knowledge of current rules and regulations 
  2. Collaboration
  3. Responsiveness

Consideration 1:

Knowledge of current rules and regulations

In a perfect world, by simply having security nothing bad would ever happen. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is far from perfect. Therefore, the role of the security firm is provide prevention in two different ways:

  1. Preventing a security breach (the more obvious of the two). 
  2. Implementing policies and procedures that compliment and benefit the client to reduce risks

(Learn more about how companies can be at fault for security breaches.)

When choosing a security firm, it is critical to consider whether or not the firm is up to date on current rules and regulations and monitor the outcomes of security lawsuits. By not staying up to date and constantly pivoting, a security company can accidentally create the liability for their client. 


When it comes to handling the aftermath of inevitable problems, very few firms actually have a standard operating procedure in place. But here at BPS Security, we do, and it starts before  ever devising a security plan for our client. How? We work with lawyers to ensure the implementation of sound security procedures. Therefore, if anything should occur, we have the highest possibility of defending ourselves and our clients in a lawsuit.

Closeup of a hand with gears hovering above it. This photo represents a person weighing out options to make a careful consideration.

Consideration 2:


Sure, a policy can look great one paper, but it is only as good as its implementation. Since every single company has its unique needs and variables, it is critical that a security firm collaborates with the company while devising and implementing a plan. So, when choosing a security company, do your research! Ask them how they roll out their plans, and even ask to speak with some of their clients!

Consideration 3:


If the security company is not responsive during regular working hours, or when small issues arise, imagine how responsive they may or may not be when a serious problem occurs. You need and deserve to have a  security company that is responsive (or better yet, proactive) So if they do not quickly respond to your emails or call you back quickly during the hiring process, take that as a major red flag.

Image of a business owner sitting at a desk holding a tablet and a laptop while making considerations between two security companies

Final Thoughts

Hiring an inadequate security company can cause serious injury or death, and can cost millions of dollars in legal ramifications. When choosing a security firm, it is imperative that you carefully examine these considerations to ensure the best decision.

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