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How to Make a Smart Home Security System SAFE

If you had to do a double-take when reading the title of this article, we get it! Because ultimately, a smart home security system should, by default, keep your home safe. Right? Well, in theory, yes! But there is a major problem when it comes to making a smart home security system safe — great hackers can easily break into the system.

Now, we are not anti-smart home systems, nor are we anti smart home security systems! In fact, we are all for making life easier and more convenient! Therefore, we want to provide a few tips that will make your smart home security systems safe (or rather, safer!).

Why are they so easy to hack?

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Here is the issue. A smart home security system has to connect to a smart home device, thus it is online. (In fact, any security system that can show you real-time footage on your phone is online, and therefore hackable!) Now, ultimately smart home systems are here to help make our lives easier. And they do! There are many benefits to simply saying, “Alexa or Google! Order a new ______!” And whatever product you order arrives at your house in the next couple of days.
So, what is the problem? Ironically, the convenience is the problem. See, since multiple accounts (amazon, apple wallet, credit and debit cards, email, smart home security system etc) are all connected to your smart home device, it makes it so easy for hackers to break into one account, and gain control of all of them.

What happens once a hacker is in?

For the sake of this article, we are only going to focus on what can happen once a hacker breaks into your smart home security system!

  • Deactivate alarms
  • Turn off monitoring devices (or loop videos so you think your home is safe when in fact someone is inside)
  • Fly the new Ring drone around your house, surveying your home
  • Watch you via your cameras!
  • And so much more…

We know, it’s creepy! But don’t worry, there are ways to help prevent this!

How to Make a Smart Home Security System SAFE

There are a few different actions YOU can take to make your system safer:

  • Have incredibly unique passwords to all of your accounts… especially your security system’s account!
  • Set up two (or more) wifi networks for your house. One for you and your family to use, and the other for your guests!
This is a top-down view of many different people standing in what looks like the “wifi” symbol pattern. This image is used in the BPS Security Article titled, “How to Make a Smart Home Security System SAFE.”
  • Only connect the outside security systems to the internet. All indoor security systems should NOT be connected to the internet.
  • Create separate wifi access points for all of your security needs!

Final Thoughts

By following the simple tasks listed above, you can smart home security system safe without missing out on the perks of a smart home! So, we strongly encourage you to implement them!
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