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9 Security Firm Stories that Will Give You CHILLS!

Not all spooks come from scary parking lots: sometimes the worst horror stories are the realities of corporations: the way they treat their employees AND customers… (Note: the identities of these sources has been concealed for their protection). The following security firm stories will give you chills.

Chilling Security Firm Stories

Number One

A security company I heard of once paid $0 to their guards by hiring new guards every pay period and then disappearing at the end of the pay period! It took almost a year for the authorities (DPS, TWC, and the IRS) to catch up with the owner.

Number Two

When facing issues with security guards showing up for work, a security company I worked for scheduled 4 guards for the same shift. When all 4 guards showed up, 3 of us left without pay for the day and the last guard didn’t finish his shift.

Number 3

The company I run was taking on a new client and a few days before Christmas we were scheduled to replace another company. The other company didn’t communicate this to their guards, who found out that they were being laid off when we showed up on the switch day just before Christmas.

Number 4

I knew a security guard who was fired because he asked for bereavement leave to go bury his brother who had passed away in a car accident. The guard company told him that they would fire him if he went to the funeral because they needed him to cover the shift. He missed his close brother’s funeral because he couldn’t be out of a job.

Number five

This is an image of a security guard standing at the base of a flight of stairs in a building holding a walkie talkie near his mouth. This image is used in the BPS Security Blog titled, “9 Security Firm Stories that Will Give You CHILLS!”.
I heard of a security guard who ended up spending 24 hours on-site for a job without electricity, a bathroom, or protection from the elements. He had been scheduled for a 12 hour shift, dropped off by his company because he didn’t have a car, and left on-site for an additional 12 hours because his company forgot to pick him up and schedule another guard. Despite how often he called throughout the day, no one answered the phone or came to pick him up.

Number six

I get pissed off at security companies, because I knew a security guard who died because of their incompetence. They refused to provide him the training or equipment to handle problem situations, but assigned him to work in an unruly bar where a fight broke out and he was shot and killed.

Number Seven

I went to a bar once where the “security” was the owner’s friends who were armed with rifles, shotguns, pepper ball guns, and cattle prods! The whole outfit gave off a Cartel Vibe and they kept tazing and pepper spraying people for no reason, I didn’t stay at the bar long…

Number eight

My friend has some mental disabilities that prevent him from handling a firearm safely, but he was hired as a security officer where the company told him to “run away” if someone pulled a gun or knife on him because he couldn’t carry any weapons.

Number Nine

This is the header image for a BPS Security Blog titled, “9 Security Firm Stories that Will Give You CHILLS!”
I once worked for a security company that was in dire need of guards, so they re-hired guards who had been fired because they’d been caught stealing on-camera! It didn’t take long for, you guessed it, these guards to start stealing again. When the client they were guarding for complained, the company just moved the guards to a different location and promised to find the stolen items… I quit shortly after.

We know! These security firm stories are awful and sadly, far too common! So, here at BPS Security, we are working to shine some light on the realities of the security industry hoping that one day, changes will be made!

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