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How Offering Benefits to Security Guards Can Help Fix the Broken Security Industry

The security industry is broken, and fixing it is not going to be an overnight matter. However, there are some easily implementable changes that security firms can make that will have a large ripple effect — offering benefits to security guards! So next time you are in the market for a security firm, we strongly suggest finding one that offers benefits to their guards!

What Type of Benefits?

To be honest, security firms are, for the most part, money hungry and will not do anything that will cut into profits. Thus, very few security firms even offer benefits (and even fewer offer good benefits). That said, if security firms start by offering basic health insurance, they will be moving in a great direction!

Note: Often, security firms fear that offering benefits will increase the rate that they need to charge a client. At this time, the security industry is in a price war, and companies are expecting the best security for the least amount of money. Thus, many firms do not want to offer benefits because they do not want to lose a potential client… they always want to be the cheapest option.

Here at BPS Security we offer the following benefits to our Security Guards:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Vacation
  • Paid Bereavement

How this Simple Change Can Make a Major Impact

This is an image of a security guard, facing a building. The guard is in focus, and we see his back, while the building is out of focus. This image is used in the BPS Securit article titled, “How Offering Benefits to Security Guards Can Help Fix the Broken Security Industry”

According to Business.Org, the top five reasons employers should offer benefits is to:

  1. Attract the most talented employees
  2. Minimize employee turnaround
  3. Keep a healthy workforce
  4. Boost employee productivity
  5. Enjoy better worker morale

Now, let us explain how these make a direct impact on security firms and their clients.

Attract the most talented employees.

The security industry is steadily growing. And as a result, there is an influx of security “training” and certification programs. That said, there are thousands of “security guards” available for hire, but very few of them have proper training and/or experience.

Therefore, a security firm needs to offer incentives in order to attract top clients. However, incentives will usually result in slightly higher rates (not always). Thus, many security firms will not offer benefits, and are stuck picking from a pool of terrible guards.

Minimizing Employee Turnaround

The security industry is notorious for fast turnaround. Why? Well, the job is not easy, and since there are so many guards to choose from, most companies view their guards as replaceable.

If a security firm offers benefits, the guards will be less likely to jump from firm to firm.

Keep a healthy workforce

If an employee is always sick, they are likely not very useful. Even when/if they come to work, they cannot perform at their best! That said, by offering health benefits, the security guards are empowered to take charge of their health by taking down a daunting financial barrier! Thus, their performance improves.

Boost employee productivity

This perk goes hand in hand with keeping a healthy workforce.

Enjoy better worker morale

We say this all the time. If security guards feel valued, they will want to perform at their best. Thus, their willingness to protect the company, and put their lives on the line when necessary, will drastically increase! Contrarily, if the guard is undervalued and unappreciated, they probably won’t do their best. When a security firm offers its guards benefits, the firm is essentially extending an olive branch saying, “We value you!”

Final thoughts

This all sounds easy, right? It is! This is a simple change that all security firms can make that would have a profound impact on the industry. However, most firms will not do this! And no one seems to care (except for us). Why? Well, as said above, the firms are money hungry. They want to get as many contracts as possible, and as a result, they offer the cheapest service. And sadly, corporations also want the cheapest service. UNTIL… an incident occurs and they are stuck in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.
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