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How to Prevent Vehicle Theft

We are approaching the 2021 holiday season. Though this is often a happy time for families and groups of friends, this time of year is also notorious for theft and crime. Recently, there has been a surge in the number of vehicle thefts! So, below, we suggest a few tips to help prevent vehicle theft.

Recent Example

On Monday 11/15, we got an alarming call from a friend and fellow San Antonio business owner, Earnest Glen with Topaz Cleaning & Restoration stating that his 2011 F350 branded work truck had been stolen — and with the truck, they took his dog, Joe. The truck was stolen sometime between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm outside of a Mamacita’s Restaurant on i10.


Upon discovering his missing truck, a Mamacita’s employee stated, “This is bad. Three other cars have been broken into this week and stolen here, this is not good.” After questioning Mamacita’s management in hopes of receiving security camera footage to track down the thieves, Earnest was informed that their security cameras do not work and the restaurant has not had time to fix them.

This image shows a thief picking a car’s lock in broad daylight. This image is used in the BPS Securit article titled, “How to Prevent Vehicle Theft”.
Earnest called the police to make an official report. He was asked to wait at the restaurant until the police could arrive. After 2.5 hours of waiting, the police suggested that they instead, meet at his house later that evening. At 10 pm, the police finally arrived at his house to make the official report.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

As our hearts go out to our friend Earnest, his terrible story is just one of many where an individual’s vehicle is stolen in a major city. Below are some common denominators when it comes to vehicle theft:
  1. The time of day is irrelevant. If the thief wants it, they will figure out a way to do it in broad daylight (obviously).
  2. Thieves love to steal vacant vehicles near highways. The close proximity to highways provides a quick getaway.
  3. Usually, the thief is not that concerned with the vehicle itself. They are after the parts that make up the vehicle. (Catalytic converts are hot ticket items).
  4. Regardless of the vehicle’s age, it is easy for thieves to break in. They can either easily pick a lock, or use the driver’s close proximity (while they are enjoying a meal at a restaurant, restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, shopping, watching a movie, etc.) to extend the signal from the fob to the car and unlock the doors.
  5. Starting vehicles without a key is alarmingly simple.

What Drivers Can Do to Protect Their Vehicles

The reality is, it is impossible to stop thieves! However, there are two things drivers can do to make it more difficult for thieves to steal their entire vehicle!

Steering Wheel Lock

This is an image of a steering wheel lock places on a Toyota’s steering wheel. This image is used in the BPS Securit article titled, “How to Prevent Vehicle Theft”.
The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock

Use a steering wheel lock! Now, sure, it may be inconvenient for the driver at times, but this is the only way to prevent someone from breaking in AND THEN driving away. Why? Well, a steering wheel lock prevents the individual from actually driving the vehicle!

Yes, it is possible for a thief to break the steering wheel lock… but this takes time, which is not on their side. The longer it takes for them to actually move the vehicle, the likelihood of them getting caught increases too! Therefore, when a thief comes across a vehicle with a steering wheel lock, they will likely just move on to a different vehicle!

Install a GPS Tracker

Installing a GPS tracker helps you quickly locate your vehicle… At this point, it is easier for the police to react.

Final Thoughts

As stated above, it is impossible to stop all theft! However, there are actions that drivers can take to help prevent vehicle theft — using a steering wheel lock and installing a GPS tracker. We strongly encourage that you employ these two simple tricks!

Lastly, if you are in the San Antonio area and have seen Joe, Earnest’s dog, please give us a call! We would love to help Joe return home!

This is an image of Earnest Glen with Topaz Cleaning and Restoration with his dog Joe. This image is used in the BPS Securit article titled, “How to Prevent Vehicle Theft”.
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