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Shopping Online This Holiday Season? Keep Your Packages Safe!

Sadly, every year we hear about more and more package theft, and there is definitely an increase during the holidays. So, we want to provide a few tips to help keep your packages safe! That way, you will receive the packages you order.

Track Your Packages

With today’s technology, there are so many ways to track your packages beyond the basic tracking number.

Opt In To Shipping Updates

Companies will usually let you know that they received your order, when it is packed, and when it is shipped. However, today, there is more that you can do — opting into shipping updates. Bu doing this the company will inform you as to when your package is at a facility when it is in route to your house, and when it is dropped off. Though this may seem excessive, it will help you plan to be at the delivery location to accept the package (and avoid having it left on your porch).


Pro tip: Usually, by opting into shipping updates, you will receive an influx of emails (which are often annoying). You can always remove yourself from their email list after the holidays.


If you do not want to opt into the shipping updates (to avoid the emails) there are also multiple apps for your phone that can track your packages. The app will send updates directly to your phone every step of the way. How do they work? The apps are triggered when you receive the order confirmation (which you should receive regardless of whether you opt in to the shipping updates). Similar to opting in to shipping updates, you will have a rough idea as to when your package should deliver. That way, you can plan accordingly.


If you are overwhelmed picking an app to track your packages, The New York Times published an article with their favorite tracking apps.

Install a Security Camera With a Speaker

Now, these security cameras are by no means full-proof, and also have many downsides. However, when you are trying to keep your packages safe, they can be helpful. The trick is to have a speaker where you can talk to the individual that is on your porch. Doing this will usually startle a theif! Though it may not prevent them from taking the package, it can help to deter them!

Use Your Office as the Shipping Address

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Whether you work from home (and therefore, will be home to receive your packages) or work from an office, using your office as the shipping address is a great way to keep your packages safe! In fact, we suggest doing this all year!

Shopping on Amazon? Use Their Shipping Hubs!

This is an image from Amazon that features on of their Amazon Shipping Hubs. We used this image in the BPS Security article titled, “Shopping Online This Holiday Season? Keep Your Packages Safe!”
Photo Credit: Amazon

The Amazon Shipping Hubs can give you peace of mind when you are not able to be home to receive your packages. How do you use these? During checkout, choose to have your package(s) delivered to a shipping hub. During this process, you get to choose the hub (there are typically many locations throughout major cities). Sure, you may have to go a little out of your way, but your packages will be safe.

Add Delivery Instructions

When shopping online, during the checkout process, you usually have an option to include shipping instructions. Instead of having your packages delivered to your front porch, ask them to leave them behind a bush or somewhere on the side or back of your house. Now, obviously, this is not full-proof… HOWEVER by keeping the packages out of sight, you can help keep them safe.

Final Thoughts

Even though thieves are tricky, there are still many ways that you can keep your packages safe this holiday season! Just make use of them, pay attention to shipping timelines, and stay alert!
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