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How Obstructed Windows Can Hurt Business

*** Note that this article is specifically speaking to businesses that need walk-up sales and/or meetings***

When an office or a storefront is not in the safest neighborhood, it can be tempting to place bars (or some kind of obstruction) over the windows and/or glass doors in efforts to prevent break ins. However, doing so can have a negative impact on your overall sales. So, before you cover your doors and windows, learn how obstructed windows can hurt business and consider alternative options.

How Obstructed Windows Can Hurt Business

Do you think this storefront (image below) screams, “Come shop with us!?”
This is an image of a storefront with barred windows and doors. This image is used in the BPS Security article titled, “How Obstructed Windows Can Hurt Business”.
Image from: Quantum Security Gates

No! It screams, “Enter if you dare!” Sure, these bars may help to prevent break ins, but it also creates a sense of unease prior to entering. Therefore, people will be hesitant to enter the store/business.

Are there other options? Absolutely! We will cover that below.

Security Bars Block More than Criminals

In addition to possibly scaring away potential customers, window and door security bars will also obstruct the view of a potential shopper. Why is this an issue? Well, perhaps a passerby is unaware of what your store/business provides. How can they figure it out without making the commitment of entering? They can do so by looking into the store!

If you do not think this is a significant problem, let’s take a page from major retail stores and successful boutiques! These companies employ a “head of visuals”, and depending on the store size, this position might oversee the entire chain while others are assigned to specific regions and/or stores. Why do they do this? To keep their inventory visually pleasing to the eye of a shopper which in turn has a drastic, positive impact on overall sales. Now, what part of a store can make a first impression on a shopper? You guessed it! The entrance and window displays.

This is an image of a holiday window at Bloomingdale’s flagship store in NYC. This image is used in the BPS Security article titled, “How Obstructed Windows Can Hurt Business”.
Window Display at Bloomingdale’s Flagship Store in NYC Photo Credit: amny
Therefore, covering your windows and doors with security bars, you are preventing walk-up foot traffic from entering your store. Overtime, this can severely hurt your bottom line!

Different Security Options

We get it, not every single location is going to be safe, and it is necessary to protect property! That said, here are some options that can beef security without installing bars on your windows and doors.

  • Have onsite security guards
  • Make use of AI and Surveillance
  • Bulletproof windows and doors
  • Bars and Gates that can easily pull over windows and doors while the store is closed but remain unseen during open hours.

That said, since each company and their location is unique, security needs will always vary. (Even the same company that has two different locations could need two different security setups!)

Here at BPS Security, we will always provide a security gap report before determining the level of security needed!

Final Thoughts

Again, obstructed windows can hurt business! So, if you feel that your company needs the additional security, we encourage you to explore some different options.
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