Why is BPS Security Producing “The Guard Chronicles”?

Recently, our team began to produce and release a short video series titled, “The Guard Chronicles”, and some security companies are asking, “WHY!?”. So, we are dedicating this article to further explain.

The Reality of the Security Industry

We have said it before and we will say it again… the security industry is corrupt, antiquated, and full of money-hungry, dishonest, and manipulative CEOs. In the past, this has caused some major problems, but as of recently, with an increased need for private security across the country, we are facing a troubling, wide-spread epidemic (for lack of a better word). The industry is ready for a significant overhaul, and there are a few security firms, BPS Security being one, that are speaking up.

As a result, “The Guard Chronicles” were born.

This is a screenshot captured from episode two of “The Guard Chronicles”. This image is used in the BPS Security article titled, “Why is BPS Security Producing “The Guard Chronicles”?”.

“The Guard Chronicles”

Since the industry’s CEOs want to hide this problem, we are turning to the security guards, and letting them speak. “The Guard Chronicles” is a short-form video series that allows guards, both current and past, to share their horror stories while protecting their identity.

Thus far, we have released two videos. The first shares the story of a guard who was fired for taking bereavement. The second shares the story of a security guard who’s employer (the security company) forced her to falsify documents in efforts to make their client view their work as “more important”.

Our goal with these videos is to help expose the truth about the security industry. Why? Well, the truth will force companies to up their standards, and the industry as a whole will earn more respect.

What About the Bad Guards?

This image shows a faded, torn piece of paper that reads “corruption” placed in front of American currency. This image is used in the BPS Security article titled, “Why is BPS Security Producing “The Guard Chronicles”?”.
We are currently in a chicken or the egg situation right now where companies needing security are wondering, “why should respect the industry if most people are awful and guards are lazy?” Once the industry can weed out the bad companies (which sadly is most), the good companies will hire better guards. The only way to do this is to educate the companies who need security! Oftentimes, they want the cheapest option… but they get what they pay for.
Look, a great guard is not going to work for a bad company! (Or, they will not work there long!) Their morals, conscience, and ethics will not stand for it. So, if you want to have a great guard protecting your company, you need to work with a good security firm.

Final Thoughts

Yes, these videos (along with many of our promotions) are causing some serious upheaval within the security world! However, this does not bother us! Our goal is to not make friends with the bad guys, we want to help the good ones!
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