Seven Ways to Prevent Security Breaches for Office Buildings

Why wait until a disaster strikes? Now is as good a time as any to start protecting your office building from security breaches! Lack of office security is why we are seeing so many high-profile security breaches making headlines this year. Take The Wallowa County District Attorney’s Office for example. Earlier this year, the DA’s office was forced to complete a security upgrade to enable better services to the public while also improving the safety of employees and clients. Updating your office security allows employees to be safer while on the job and brings a priceless sense of peace to those simply just trying to do their jobs.

Ways to prevent security breaches

This is an image of an open lock with a warning sign and the words “security breach” next to it. This image is used for the BPS Security Article titled, “Seven Ways to Prevent Security Breaches for Office Buildings”.

Communication is a powerful tool for preventing security breaches from taking place. It is essential to inform and protect your employees with tangible steps towards safety and manage expectations when hiring security guards. You would be surprised how often companies cut corners by going with the cheapest option instead of the due diligence required to find a dedicated security company to provide them with the best in the business. 

At BPS Security, we saw this problem coming from a mile away. Our team sets the industry standard for business and corporate protection.

We’ve taken the liberty to list out seven simple yet powerful ways you can take towards preventing disruptive security breaches at your business. Let’s get into it!

  1. Ensure technology is kept up-to-date and in working order by having an audit quarterly
  2. Hire guards who are engaged with and WANT to work for you…this typically means paying more, but you can think of it as insurance against the press that inevitably follows a major security breach
  3. Build Security Requirement SOPs for all vendors that they must sign-off on
  4. Brief your security and employees every six to twelve months on security procedures and why they matter
  5. Set up cameras facing all entrances and exits
  6. Walk the property regularly to look for obstructions to entrances or exits and even for gaps in the property perimeter.
  7. Ensure your security team is documenting their rounds and work to create accountability and peace of mind that it’s genuinely being done

BPS Security Can Help

This is an image of rows of zeros and ones with a bug in the middle representing a security breach.. This image is used for the BPS Security Article titled, “Seven Ways to Prevent Security Breaches for Office Buildings”.

Don’t let your organization be the next victim of a high-profile security breach. At BPS Security, it is our mission to raise security industry standards. We see three common issues: pricing and lack of transparency, lack of education, poor training, and lax hiring policies. 

We believe that it’s time businesses start learning about the ins and outs of this ruthless industry so they will have the necessary information to make the best decisions for their companies!
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