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5 Types of Security Guard Negligence You Should Not Ignore

It is important to remember that negligence is a crime! Security guards are crime, risk, and threat prevention officers assigned to protect specific people, places, and properties. The main concern of a security guard is to protect and prevent damage or destruction of property while keeping the community safe. It is not a job for the faint of heart, nor is it a role that should be taken lightly by the team responsible for hiring guards. While this may seem like common sense, businesses and corporations need to ensure that they are doing the due diligence required to hire the right team to keep employees safe.

Contrary to popular belief, a security guard’s role is not just to be a body standing at the premises they are guarding. Instead it is a position that requires a great deal of precision, detail, and training. Not all security guards are capable of this function, however, majorly because of negligence. Failure on the job is simply unacceptable and should not be tolerated in the workplace.

5 Signs of Security Guard Negligence

Certain types of negligence should serve as warning signs to business and property owners looking to protect their employees or premises. Here are five types of negligence amongst security guard teams that may indicate a need to change personnel immediately:

  • Sleeping on duty: Proper on-duty security guards should never, under any circumstances, be found sleeping on the job. While on duty by security guards, sleeping can lead to a lack of productivity and could lead to late responses to various dangerous situations. It reflects poorly on the hired personnel, but it can also diminish the credibility of your business and lead to clients or customers deeming your location as unsafe.
  • Leaving post while on duty: Another negligence occurs when a security guard leaves their post while on duty. Guards must be always present at their post in the event of a fire outbreak or unwanted entry of an intruder. Simply put, having a team of security guards known to leave their post increases danger and could even lead to liability issues for your business.
  • Arguing with customers or clients: A professional security guard is expected to keep their cool while attending to customers and clients. Guards engaging in arguments create a more significant risk, as they cause distractions that can be capitalized on by intending criminals.
  • Tardiness: Sure, the occasional late arrival may be acceptable for specific industries, but it is a huge red flag for security guard personnel. When a security guard fails to be at their post on time, the chances of an incident occurring are much higher and could lead to your company indirectly placing visitors in harm’s way.
  • Listening to music on duty: Security guards need to be always on high alert. Sure, there are lulls in the day or moments where everything may appear safe, but the reality of the job is that danger could occur at any moment, and proper guards need to be ready to react in seconds. If security guards are listening to music, they are not paying full attention to the entirety of their surroundings.

BPS Security Experts

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We are rewriting the industry standard for security guards every day by providing San Antonio with adequately trained, high-functioning guards. Our mission is to help companies achieve the maximum safety possible when it comes to protecting employees.

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