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Tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur like Glen Bhimani

Global Elite Media Group is a publication solely dedicated to entrepreneurs and rising stars worldwide. They are an Australian-based multi-platform publisher with investments spanning magazines, digital, and events. Global Elite Media Group is a prominent entertainment source across the globe, and they provide up and coming talents with an authentic platform. Recently, the publishing powerhouse featured the CEO and founder of BPS Security, Glen Bhimani, for their ‘entrepreneur spotlight.’ Bhimini and his team are thrilled to have received the recognition, as their entrance into the security guard industry has been nothing short of an ambush. But, like most things, starting and operating one of the fastest-growing security firms in the nation was not done without hard work, determination, and commitment.

BPS Security more than deserves its time in the spotlight, as they have helped countless San Antonians secure reliable and effective security for their businesses and personal needs.

Who is Glen Bhimani?

Glen Bhimani is the CEO and founder of BPS Security, one of the fastest-growing security firms in the U.S, with decades of experience in security. Grow Disrupt discovered him as a phenomenal business powerhouse during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this universally stressful time, Bhimini navigated the changing world in such a way that created a 400% growth in his company.

BPS Security utilizes proprietary software and integrates technology in unique ways to protect clients from harm while simultaneously improving the security industry. In the article, Glen shared several inspirational insights into what it takes to make a business successful. Let’s look at some of the key takeaways!

Tips From an Expert

Regardless of the industry, starting a successful business takes a certain kind of person. Entrepreneurs essentially share a large, unspoken bond. During his discussion with Global Elite Media Group, Glen shared some poignant words for those hoping to make it big in their industry:

  • Know Where You Stand: Don’t ever sit back and hope people overlook your company’s policies. Knowing what you stand for and making policies before entering a situation, it is best to have a solid response to chaos. Eventually, every business owner will have to decide about current events and where the organization stands, so it is best to immediately consult core values and make decisions before being put into high-stress situations.
  • Protect The Integrity of Your Business: Turning down clients is never an easy decision. Choosing to work with someone only for the revenue will compromise the company’s character that you have worked hard to build. One key component to focus on is the compatibility of your business, and another’s. If they are running their organization in a way contrary to your integrity, working with them will only compromise your standards. Bhimini adds, “after you compromise once, it becomes easier and easier until you no longer have a standard you hold onto.”
  • Thriving During Hard Times: The Pandemic was intimidating in every sense of the word. However, there are more opportunities for growth during hardship than you may think. Our instinct is often to shy away from tough decision-making, as we tend to flee what we fear. Tough decisions are scary, but pushing through the fear and choosing to be courageous will bring immense opportunity in the face of fear.

Start Feeling Safer Today

BPS Security is the leading security guard personnel firm in San Antonio, Texas, and can begin protecting your business or premise in as fast as twenty-four hours. With a quick turnaround time and a team of highly trained security guards, BPS Security knows how to protect you from harm. We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the utmost customer service to our clients and are focused on building lasting relationships with the people and companies we serve.
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Does your business need extra protection? We’re here to help. Visit us at our website to learn more about the BPS difference today!

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