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5 Items Security Guards Carry to Keep You Safe

Security guards play a noble and vital role in keeping you safe. Whether it is a private security guard or someone to watch over assets and property, businesses want to ensure that they work with properly equipped and trained security personnel. Certain precautions can be very effective in keeping the crime and danger far away, but companies should continue to be mindful of the minimum requirements of each guard. Hiring unequipped guards who attempt to protect a business or property without the proper items to keep you safe is avoidable and of the utmost importance. Let’s get into some of the personality traits to look out for when hiring a guard and the items security guards carry to keep you safe:

What Personality Traits Should Your Guard Have?

The roles of security guards are lengthy and numerous. The right staff is essential for protecting a single person, a home, or a business property from servicing an entire community or events. Besides carrying the proper protective equipment, security guards need to have a few essential personality traits to do their job as effectively as possible. For example, security personnel should always be alert and ready to react appropriately to any situation. Guards should also take the time to get to know who or what they are protecting. This extra layer of information allows them to notice anything suspicious quicker. Communication is also essential when it comes to effective security guards. Guards need to stay calm and rational when a situation arises. Physical strength and fitness should also be considered when hiring security guards.

5 Items Security Guards Carry to Keep You Safe

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Regardless of their workplace, security guards should always have a few essential pieces of equipment to help de-escalate risky situations. These protective items include:

  • Walkie-Talkies and Cell Phones: Security guards need to have mobile phones to report incidents to their managers or other superiors. (Note: phone chargers are also a good idea to require!) walkie-talkies are particularly useful for guards who work in poor reception areas, multilayer parking complexes, or if a cell phone battery dies while on the job.
  • Flashlight or Penlight: Guards use flashlights when there are poor lighting sources or it gets too dim to see clearly. A flashlight is a crucial piece of equipment to control unlit areas or analyze suspicious activity. It’s also suitable for looking into dark corners, or under vehicles, without getting too close. Light emitted from flashlights can be seen from up to two miles away! To go a step further, guards should be required to have a hands-free flashlight, as they can be helpful when dealing with potential risks that need both security guards’ hands. A penlight is essentially a tiny flashlight used to provide visibility in unlit areas and operates using a white light beam.
  • Pepper Spray: Pepper spray is a piece of self-defense equipment that can help guards against threats without imposing severe bodily harm. When faced with challenging or dangerous situations, it can be challenging to make the right decision. Security guards can use pepper spray instead, allowing them to hinder their attackers without posing a threat to innocent bystanders.
  • Security Baton: Batons provide security guards with quick access to a weapon if the need arises. These devices are often more effective than other forms of resistance. In some cases, security batons are the only security equipment required by law. If needed, they can also be a defense measure to fend off attackers or criminals. But, just because they are a requirement doesn’t mean that each guard comes with the knowledge of how to use a baton properly.
  • Camera: Cameras are excellent sources of evidence, primarily when security guards work in areas that lack video surveillance. They can also be used to immediately record notable events, suspects, and items and capture vehicle information.

BPS Security Can Keep You Safe

When looking into hiring security guards, choose a company that you know you can count on. Security guards have numerous responsibilities, including carrying multiple pieces of equipment that can keep you, your company, or your premises safe. (Now you know what items security guards carry to keep you safe!) At BPS Security, our clients LOVE working with us! We have more than 79 years of combined experience in Security and law enforcement. We only work with certified guards and investigators with more than four years of security experience. We offer state-of-the-art GPS tracking with our proprietary software.

We recruit and retain the best in the industry. Our clients can focus on their business while we take care of the rest. Contact us at BPS Security to learn more about how we can help you!

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