Keep Your RVs and Boats Safe at Off-Site Storage


Summer fun is upon us, and that means getting those campers, RVs, boats, and other toys out of storage and heading out to make some memories. But those expensive vehicles are also targets of theft all too often. So how do you keep your RVs and Boats safe at off-site storage yards?

Pick Your Storage Location Wisely

In a perfect world, we can keep our RV, camper, or boat at our own home, behind a fence or inside a shed or garage where we can keep an eye on it. But with HOAs, subdivisions, and smaller garages, oftentimes that is not possible, leaving you with one option — to pay for a storageyard or storage unit. When doing so, look for the safest option. 


Storage units are often not in the safest/best neighborhoods. Unfortunately, due to large land needs, they are often in more secluded locations. So look for a storageyard or unit that has the following:

  • high and secure fences

  • multiple video surveillance options (make sure they work and are turned on and monitored!)

  • security at the entrance (a storage unit with on-site personnel is preferable, but at the very least, find one with keypad entry! Some even have personalized codes so they track which code/person is entering and exiting with time stamps.)


Ask questions about surveillance and how long video is kept just incase it takes a couple of weeks for you to notice that you RV is damaged or missing, you want to make sure it is not too late to retrieve that video! Also, ask where the cameras are located! Just at the entrance or on each row? If the cameras are only at the entrance and exits, break-ins from other locations, damage, or theft will go unnoticed!


Fences and lighting are important to deter criminals as well. How robust and secure are the gates and fencing? Are all areas well lit or just the front/gate? Choosing a storage lot with low activity seems like a good idea, but a lot of traffic with patrons coming and going at all hours makes it less attractive for criminals than a storage facility that is dead on weekday evenings.

Anti-Theft Devices & Deterrents

This is an image of multiple boats lifted and sitting in an outdoor, off-site storage unit. All of the boats are covered with a protective fabric cover. This image is used in the BPS Security article titled, “Keep Your RVs and Boats Safe at Off-Site Storage”.

There are numerous anti-theft devices on the market that attach to a wheel or the hitch on your trailer or RV. You get what you pay for here, and the more inexpensive hitch locks can easily be detached! There are more robust options on the market that are specific to your brand of trailer, and are much more secure.


GPS trackers may be another option. These small devices link to your smart phone and will notify you when the RV or boat moves. Obviously this doesn’t protect against break-ins, but will activate if your unit is moved. There are options with monthly fees and without, and different price points. The batteries last quite awhile and the cost is minimal for peace of mind.

Tactics For Safe Storage

To make your unit a less-likely target, remove all valuables from your RV or boat. If possible, remove generators and take them home with you, too. Additionally, don’t leave expensive electronics, sporting goods, grills, bikes, etc. in your camper. These are all easily stolen and attractive for thieves to resell. 


Upgrade your door locks. Most RVs have very poor quality door locks, with only a few options on keys. It is a very inexpensive upgrade to make your doors more secure with the replacement of the door mechanism. You can even get one that uses a keypad, which might save you from being locked out while camping!

Final Thoughts - Keep Your RVs and Boats Safe at Off-Site Storage

At BPS Security, we care about your safety and the security of your valuables, whether that is at home or away. Take some of these considerations into account to help keep your RVs and boats safe, ready, and waiting when you get ready to have some summer fun!

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