Apartment Security matters now more than ever. Don’t get caught unprotected.

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If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you certainly know someone who has. Crime is on the rise. With possible danger lurking around every corner, the situation in many cities can feel hopeless. The same financial instability that has contributed to the rise in crime, has most of us more conscious about keeping what we have. However apartment complexes seem to not care!

An Opportunity

Over the last decade the percentage of renters has increased drastically, many living in apartment complexes. This increase in apartment living can provide an opportunity for either the property owner or criminals, depending on the security decisions that are made.  


Criminals want minimal risk and high reward, and unguarded complexes provide excellent targets. If you’ve ever rented, you probably know the stereotype of “cheap landlord” holds some water. Everyone wants to save money, and many property owners are cutting corners on security to recoup costs. Let’s talk about all the reasons this is a BAD idea and having trained professional security is the right move. 


  • If excess crime occurs in an apartment complex the owner could face litigation, costing more than having proper security in place.  

  • Professional security guard presence alone can deter crime. 

  • Depending on the level of investment, heightened security and entry checks that can be made by security can have a positive impact on the property owners bottom line. Professional security makes tenants feel safe. That safety has a monetary value. 

Security Matters

With all that being said, professional security for apartment complexes should be an easy decision for the property owner. At the very minimum, every complex should have a security plan that includes sufficient lighting, secure entry and exit points with no gaps in fencing, security cameras and motion sensors, and well-maintained foliage.

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However, in addition to an extensive security plan, hiring professional security guards is the only guaranteed way to reduce crime and protect residents of apartment complexes. Everyone should be allowed to feel safe in their homes and cutting costs by cutting corners in security should never be a choice. 

BPS Has the Guards for You

BPS Security is rewriting the industry standard in the security industry. We treat our clients well while leveraging technology and prioritizing the safety of your premises and employees. If you’re ready to take protection to the next level, visit us on our website today!

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