How Many Weapons are TOO Many? Security Guards Should not look like Blade Runner

At BPS Security, we believe a good security guard can make all the difference. With proper training and execution, security guards protect people at work and home while providing a sense of peace to the community. Security guard responsibilities can range from being present to maintaining order while reacting to assaults and robberies. The guard must treat each of these duties with care and esteem while suited up for the job. 

Should your Security Guard Look like Blade Runner?

Last year, an image of a man named Harold Davis aka Agent Wolf became internet famous after a photograph of him with a long black leather trench coat and enough weaponry to take down an army of bloodthirsty vampires (including what appears to be an actual sheathed katana sword) went viral. One twitter user commented “This is the most securing guard I’ve ever seen.”  


His look surely impressed Marvel fans, but for those of us who know better, we spotted some major issues. Though there are no uniform national regulations, a security officer’s garb should consist of personal protective gear that allows for quick and unobstructed movement. Weapons shouldn’t exceed what a normal police officer would likely carry.  

This is a screenshot of a security guard that we are nick naming, “Blade Runner”. This image is used in the BPS Security article titled, “How Many Weapons are TOO Many? Security Guards Should not look like Blade Runner”.
  • Inappropriate Equipment Hinders Operation: As you can see from this image Mr. Davis is draped from head to toe in weapons ranging from guns, knives, to… even a katana. We would like to see how quickly and effectively this man can do his job while looking like a character from the Marvel Universe.
  •  The Extra Weapons Make You a Target: Criminals are, not always, but often smart, and just how you and I can see that the extra equipment could hinder his ability to perform, so do criminals. With gun laws evolving and different all around the country, this is a prime opportunity for a criminal or group of criminals to get access to life threatening weapons, and that is not even considering the dollar value of these weapons. 
    1. Drawing attention to yourself as a guard isn’t necessarily a good thing. A normally dressed guard would not have the same target on his back.
  • You Look Ridiculous: This is pretty self-explanatory. I cannot think of a less professional look than showing up to work looking like you are ready for Comicon. 
  • Bad Optics: At BPS Security, we pride ourselves on providing professionalism all around from our training, officer demeanor, and equipment. Running your security business like Agent Wolf, is a quick way to not be taken seriously.

BPS Has the Guards for You


BPS Security is rewriting the industry standard in the security industry. We treat our clients well while leveraging technology and prioritizing the safety of your premises and employees. If you’re ready to take protection to the next level, visit us on our website today! 

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