The Vital Role Private Security Played During Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

In the event of a tragedy, like the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, security personnel are called upon to assist with crowd control. In order to prevent panic and ensure the safety of those in attendance, private security guards assist with keeping people moving and funneling them in the right direction. During this challenging time, security guards remain discreet while also looking out for suspicious activity that could indicate a threat to attendees or speakers. Security staff are experts when it comes to identifying suspicious behavior. They’re trained to keep an eye out for people acting erratically or appearing agitated. By relying on the presence of private security guards to assist with crowd control and keeping any potential dangers from entering your premises, you can be assured that everyone is safe during this time of mourning.

Responsibilities of Crowd Control

There are a variety of responsibilities that crowd control entails. During a State Funeral, private security personnel play an incredibly vital role in keeping attendees safe by ensuring that the crowd is controlled. Security guards also ensure that speakers can deliver their speeches without interruption and are given the proper space and privacy to do so. These responsibilities include the following events:


– Keeping attendees in the front of the crowd from rushing the stage 

– Ensuring that the speakers and attendees can hear one another 

– Making sure that the stage where the speakers stand is safe for them to use 

– Keeping the crowd from rushing other important guests and members of their family 

– Making sure that the speakers have privacy and are not interrupted by onlookers or the crowd 

How is Crowd Control Important During State Funerals?

When you think of a State Funeral, you may imagine dignitaries from all over the world who have come together to pay their respects to the fallen queen. These guests are not only an essential part of the ceremony, but they also help to make sure that the crowd is under control.

This is an image of royal guards used in the BPS Security Article titled, “The Vital Role Private Security Played During Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral”.

With so many people in one place, the risk of a stampede or panic is high. As a result, private security guards are placed strategically throughout the venue to help direct the crowd when they need to move and keep people from rushing the stage. Since security guards are skilled in identifying suspicious behavior, they can also keep an eye on attendees to make sure that no one is carrying a weapon or attempting to do harm.

Security Guards Are Discreet

Security guards are discreet and work to maintain a low-profile during State Funerals. Their goal is not to draw attention to themselves, but rather to blend in and remain as inconspicuous as possible while they do their jobs. Because security guards are not armed during these events, it’s important that they not stand out so that they are not a target for violence. Because security guards are often the first line of defense against potential threats, it’s important that they don’t stand out so that they are able to blend in and go unnoticed. Discreet security guards are able to remain vigilant while still maintaining a low profile. They tend to blend in with the crowd while keeping their eyes peeled for anything suspicious.

Determining Where to Focus Your Guards During Large State Funerals

There are a variety of different places where security guards can be strategically placed throughout a larger State Funeral. Depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests expected to attend, security guards can be placed at the entrance of the building, at the front of the stage where the ceremony is taking place, or within the guest seating areas. You can also hire security guards for crowd control at the end of the ceremony when attendees are exiting the venue. There are many ways you can use security guards to assist with crowd control during a large State Funeral.

Strategies for Effective Crowd Control

The best ways to ensure effective crowd control during a State Funeral is to encourage attendees to use their best judgment and follow the directions of the security guards. In order to ensure that guests know they need to be conscious of their surroundings and respectful of their fellow mourners, you can encourage them to follow these tips: 


– Avoid using flash photography 

– Keep cell phones on silent 

– Keep bags and items close by where you are sitting 

– Dress respectfully 

– Maintain a low profile 

– Follow the directions of the security guards 


By encouraging attendees to follow these guidelines, you can help to ensure that security guards have the easiest time controlling the crowd and keeping everyone safe.


During a tragic event like a State Funeral, security guards are called upon to assist with crowd control and keeping everyone safe. By having a couple of security guards at each entrance of the venue, you can help to reduce the risk of any potential dangers from entering the funeral. You can also position security guards throughout the seating areas to help direct the crowd when they need to move and keep attendees from rushing the stage. By encouraging attendees to follow the guidelines outlined above, you can help to ensure that everyone respects their fellow mourners while also keeping them safe. 

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