Private Security Provides Invaluable Disaster Relief

Although people may be well prepared for a disaster, something unforeseen always seems to happen. When disaster strikes, many people seek assistance through charitable contributions and community efforts, and in severe cases, the National Guard will provide short-term assistance. It takes time to figure out exactly what areas are suffering the most and how to provide shelter and necessities for people and ensure public safety after a disaster. For instance, if a building is condemned, proper safety measures must be taken to ensure that people do not access it to prevent harm. Numerous cities have relied upon the expertise of highly trained, private security guards to provide on-site personnel and staffing within 24 hours.

Law enforcement agencies rely on security guards to help provide security.

Following a disaster, it is common for security guards to monitor areas that have been damaged and must not be accessed. They also offer safety to those who have been displaced and are seeking shelter in temporary structures. These situations are most difficult for those who have lost their homes, or they are inaccessible. Emotions run especially high when a loved one cannot be found. The best security officers handle these situations calmly, diffusing potentially heightened responses. Security guards provide stability in times of chaos by maintaining a calm, cool, and collected disposition. Their capacity to console, comfort, deescalate is what makes many guards in this profession so admirable. These professionals’ law enforcement and military backgrounds are a major reason for their extensive range of skills and abilities.

After a catastrophe, security guards help maintain order.

Having security guards present during a crisis allows law enforcement to focus on more critical matters, as people will look to an authority figure for stability and order. Security guards can keep order when law enforcement is required elsewhere, the leading reason private security is hired after disasters. Choosing to hire security guards after a catastrophe provides consistency and highly trained men and women on the scene who are trained to handle emergencies of all types and have expert First Aid training. 


The terrible events of Hurricane Katrina, the Northridge Earthquake, and 9/11 left survivors shocked and devastated. Many were hurt, frightened, and unable to find their loved ones. Cities with common and seasonal natural disaster threats regularly hire security guards as disaster responders. Having the information beforehand eliminates the need to scramble after the fact to locate the most suitable private security company. Officials should check ahead for quotes and availability. In the wake of a disaster, private security officers are used for numerous purposes. Reputable and established nationwide providers have experienced security coordinators working diligently to meet the needs of those needing security guard coverage following a disaster.

Security Guards provide consistency.

This is an image showcasing damage caused by a hurricane. This image is used in the BPS Security blog titled, “Private Security Provides Invaluable Disaster Relief”.

Many people believe that they would remain calm in the event of a catastrophe, but the truth is that the rubber hits the road. Even if someone manages to remain calm in such situations, survival mode usually kicks in. Although we see many courageous reactions in crises, people are instinctively concerned with their own wellbeing. People who have served in the military or the police and have received disaster training understand the importance of protecting others and saving their lives before saving their own.

The common person without proper disaster training cannot be expected to act in this manner. The rigorous training that security personnel receive becomes a natural and instinctive reaction, requiring prolonged and continuous training and testing. Only reputable security firms offer such continual training for their security personnel.

Short-term or Long-term security guard coverage after a disaster.

Nationwide, companies employing the most highly trained security guards in the United States can offer immediate security guard service in all major cities. In addition to a variety of natural disasters or unexpected occurrences, the best providers in the country can quickly dispatch security guards. In addition to carding for injured, disoriented, and frightened individuals in a timely manner, their disaster relief training includes knowledge of how to redirect people to safer areas and prevent hazards. Tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes are risky situations, and security guards know how to find the safest areas for people to seek refuge. 


Security guards are prepared to deal with the consequences of disasters, providing excellent protection, handling emergency alarms, and evacuations, and communicating effectively with other emergency agencies. They can also provide monitoring and assistance during the delivery of relief supplies. 


It is advisable for any city that is subject to seasonal natural disasters to be prepared by having an excellent security guard company on call. Although some situations cannot be foreseen, a well-established company will be able to send highly trained guards immediately regardless of the circumstances.

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