Family Investigations

Finding Missing Family Members + Wills and Probate

Family matters are often complex and difficult. BPS Security is here to help. Our team has the experience and exclusive access you need. From answering wills and probate questions to finding missing family members, we are here for you.

Finding Missing Family Members

A woman jumping into a man's arms. They are hugging tightly after BPS helped them find their missing family members.

We know how terrifying this loss can be. We know how much trying to find a missing person can impact your daily life. And we know there are many PIs who don’t have the tools to deliver the investigation they promise.

Don’t be fooled by a PI with a lot of flash and no substance. Hire a private investigator who has the experience, resources, and drive to follow all of the clues.

BPS Security has a team of investigators ready to pursue every clue. Once hired, we are dedicated to finding as much information as possible about your missing family members. No flash needed.

Our team uses skip tracing to find these clues. We start by pulling everything we can find online. Then we hit the streets to follow-up on each question. Skip tracing helps us have a better idea of where (and when!) an answer might turn up.

We know that finding missing family is important to you. So we will do everything we can to help you.

How BPS Searches for a Missing Person Better

Attention to Details

We look for the clues others miss. We use skip tracing to find the signs buried in the smallest hints. That is because our investigators want to get you as much information as possible.

Careful & Dedicated

Our private investigators are held to the highest ethical standards. And they know how important your investigation is to you. That is why you can rest easy knowing that we are on the case.

Unique Strategy

We tailor our missing person investigation to fit your unique situation’s needs. From background checks to skip tracing, we will do everything we can. We will deliver all the answers we find.

Search for Your Missing Person.
No Flash. All Dedication.

Wills and Probate Investigation

Family law is complex. Going through probate to prove your inheritance in a court of law can be intense. Our PIs have access to exclusive resources to get the evidence you need. Evidence that makes your wills and probate challenge that much easier.

Some PIs will promise the world but are hamstrung without direct access to property records.

That is where BPS Security can help.

We are one of the only companies with direct access to property records. That means that we are able to get you the evidence you need for your wills and probate challenges.

A PI with a binder who is in the middle of a wills and probate investigation

How BPS Handles Wills and Probate Better


Our private investigators are held to the highest ethical standards. We follow the rules and regulations required by family law. So you know you can trust the information we provide.

Detail Oriented

Our PIs know that the details matter in family law. That is why they pay attention to the details that matter the most and get you the information you need.

Exclusive Access

We are one of the only companies with direct access to property records. That means BPS security stands a head above the rest of the competition. We can get the information they can’t.

Hire BPS Security: the company with access to the information you need


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Where We Can Start an Investigation

BPS Security started in San Antonio, Texas– but, our operation and partnerships extend across the US. Look for your city or state below.

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Need help in a different state? Request a quote today to see how we can help! 

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