Child Custody Investigation

When parents split up, children are always affected most. Make sure your children stay with the parent who truly cares about them. The BPS Security profile (created during our child custody investigation) helps with that. Our profile makes it easy for the judge to see that you are the most suitable parent.

Children First Custody Investigation

A child in her mother's arms showing the power of custody investigations that focus on the child's well being

Your children mean the world to you. That’s why keeping custody of your child is so important. You want to put the struggle behind them. You want your child to live a happy carefree life.

That’s why you need to make sure they stay with the parent who puts their needs first. And that’s where a custody investigation becomes so valuable! Providing a judge with a neat package of concrete evidence goes a long way.

Don’t rely on findings from an amateur sleuth to prove to your judge that you care.

Show the judge how you provide for your child. Show the judge how you make sure your children have a happy, carefree life.

Our team can help because we specialize in child custody investigation.

How BPS Competently Manages a Custody Investigation

Portfolio of Evidence

We complete a thorough investigation of your spouse’s lifestyle. This investigation gives us a full body of evidence. From their current home life to their history and finances, we will uncover a complete picture of your spouse.

Findings Review

Our team then reviews the findings-- just like a judge will. That way we can be sure we are creating a profile that will stand up in court.

Profile Development

The last step is to create a profile that verifies you as the most suitable parent for your children. Our profile takes into account the details we have collected. It is held to the highest ethical and lawful standards.


Ethical, Law-Abiding Services

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Where We Can Start a Child Custody Investigation

BPS Security started in San Antonio, Texas– but, our operation and partnerships extend across the US. Look for your city or state below.

We Provide Services in These States




New Mexico 








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Need help in a different state? Request a quote today to see how we can help! 

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